Shave Kit

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The Shave Kit is the quintessential gift for the discerning gentleman who cherishes a luxurious shave with a time-honored traditional razor. Expertly curated, the Shave Kit encompasses all the essentials to transform the shaving ritual into a swift, yet indulgent experience.

At the heart of this kit is the Aiguise Gold razor, a standout piece in our collection and undeniably a crowd favorite. Its distinguished position is well-earned; every gentleman who has had the pleasure of wielding it has consistently awarded it a sterling 5-star review, a testament to its impeccable design and performance.

This splendid gift set is elegantly rounded off with the Inexorable Smoky Whiskey Shaving Gel - 100ml of sheer decadence that ensures a smooth glide. And, to ensure uninterrupted grooming sessions, we've thoughtfully included a set of 5 premium blades.

Included in the luxurious gift package are:

  • Razor Aiguise Gold by Dick Johnson
  • Inexorable Smoky Whiskey Shaving Gel, 100ml
  • A set of 5 precision-crafted blades for a seamless shave.