Eau de Parfum

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Whiskey & Vanilla scent now as perfume. We wanted to add more kick and depth to the perfume. We had an idea: maturing the aromas of the scent in an oak barrel. We are extremely happy with the result. In the process, we used barrels that are used in the preparation of top-quality whiskeys and valuable sherries. We achieved exactly the extra spice we were looking for in the product and a special angle suitable for Dick in the production of the traditional product!

As usual for Dick Johnson, this is a Small Batch product, and therefore each batch is slightly different and all products are unique. Serpent Eau De Parfum has been produced in Dick Johnson’s own Dick’s Brewery factory.

It is a real perfume and a top shelf product! The percentage of the fragrance oils is higher than in Eau de Toilette perfumes. The scent lasts thus 50% longer on the skin. Eau De Parfum scents have more than 15% essential oils.

  • Made in Oak Barrels
  • Size: 50ml
  • Whiskey & Vanilla scent



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