Beard Bundle


There are many compelling reasons to buy Dick Johnson's beard products. First, our products help reduce itching, which can be a common issue during the initial stages of beard growth or a continuous one.

All our products are made in Finland, so you can trust their high quality and domestic origin. We focus on natural ingredients, making our products gentle on the skin while still being effective. Many men and their partners have praised the scent of our products – check out the reviews if you don't believe it right away.

Additionally, quality is our top priority; we want every customer to feel they are getting their money's worth. Last but not least, our products aid in beard softening, resulting in a softer and smoother finish after each use.

Still doubtful?

What is Dick Johnson known for? Well, damn good beard stuff! Dick's story began with Snake Oil, and now, after tens or even hundreds of thousands of bottles, we can say this scent pleases both men and their partners at home! That's why our Original scent is also found in our beard balm, named Snake Balm.

The product package includes beard oil, beard balm, and a beard brush. Plus, you get a Mystery Product as a bonus. Don't worry if you like the other products; you're sure to like this one too and find a use for it. The bonus product is worth a couple of tens of euros! A great set that makes your beard look diamond-like and gives you a musky gentleman's appearance!

This offer is exceptional. Usually, we don't give discounts on our products, but since this is an introductory package, we've added a product worth €19.90 as a bonus!

The Mystery Product is automatically added to the shipment at the warehouse!