Pomade Inepuisable

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Inepuisable, the unfailing pomade, is unmatched in its versatility. Its scent is enchantingly subtle, reminiscent of "Whiskey Cola". It is particularly suited for combed styles, like a more relaxed slickback or finger-finished looks. Inepuisable washes off easily from hands and hair with just water. Several rock stars have praised its gig-lasting hold. This extremely economical product keeps the hair in place in wind, flurry, and sleet. Its pleasant scent and easy use make it a great choice.

In my opinion, Inepuisable might possibly be the best pomade, offering a strong hold as a water-based product. If you want an infallible product that provides remoldability and a pleasant whiskey-like scent, this is an absolute must-have for all pomade enthusiasts!

Inepuisable is the perfect partner for a long day. Its ability to keep the hairstyle shiny and controlled deserves praise. This unique pomade offers reliable performance and a sophisticated whiskey cola scent. Its easy spreadability and the opportunity for restyling make it perfect. The durable hold and refined scent make it a superior pomade.

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of pomade to your hair, style as desired. Add more if necessary.

To use: Spread a knuckle sized amount of product evenly onto both palms and spread through the hair from root to tip. Then comb into desired style and head out on the town!!

  • Made in Finland (Nordic wasteland)
  • Medium to Strong hold
  • Whiskey Cola scent
  • Vegan


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