How to take care of a bald head?

How to take care of a bald head?

The tenets of treating a bald head are the following: use sunscreen, continue using shampoo, and moisturize your scalp. Also remember to shave your head in a correct way and as few times as possible.

A bald head doesn’t need any specific reason to exist. It just looks good. For some, it’s the haircut of choice because they don’t have that much hair of their own, but there’s no need to get riled up about that either. Just wear the crown of your head with the pride it deserves.

Use sunscreen 

Always protect your scalp from the Sun and cold because that’s what having hair would also do. Remember to pay attention to the next day’s weather forecast. Use a beanie once the air gets colder and sunscreen when it gets warmer, because an exposed scalp is extremely sensitive to UV rays.


Don’t give up on shampoo or conditioner

The most common misconception about a bald head is that it doesn’t need to be washed or conditioned. The scalp still has hair, no matter how neatly it’s been shaved. This also means that it accumulates dirt and excretes sebum. Don’t use shower gel to wash the scalp, though, because it dries it out and increases the amount of dandruff.


Moisturize your scalp

While your hair used to shroud your scalp from any criticism, it doesn’t do so anymore. Moisturizing the scalp reduces dryness and dandruff, all the while fading away the signs of ageing and making it look healthy.

How often do you shave and with what?

You shouldn’t shave your head every day. This leads to a dry, flaky scalp no matter how much you moisturize it or how often you change your razor blades. A good rule on thumb is to not shave more than three times a week. This lets your skin rest after each shave, which in turn leads to a more healthy-looking scalp. 

How to shave your head?

Preparation is the most important step here. Apply a small amount of moisturizer to the scalp, so that it provides an extra layer of protection without clogging the razor blade.  After this, apply some shaving gel of your choice. Go in the direction of your hair growth and rinse the razor blade with hot water after every stroke.