Man’s skincare: A fast, easy routine!

Looking for a cure for dry, oily or impure skin? Worried about signs of ageing? Here we present you with a skincare routine that you’ll be able to easily incorporate into your daily life. Everything we tell you here can be done while showering.

Cleansing the skin

First, it’s important to clean the skin with a face wash product suitable to your skin. This will remove impurities from the skin and prepare it for exfoliation. Apply cleansing product of your choice to your face with a circular motion and rinse with cool water. It’s convenient to do this while showering.

Remember to use a product that is specifically designed for cleaning the skin on your face. The last thing you’ll want to do is to dry out your face with shower gel.

Exfoliating the skin

Exfoliating the skin is one the most effective ways to get rid of ingrown hairs, impurities or even acne. When a pore gets clogged, impurities tend to develop on the skin in the form of pimples. Usually, the cause for the clog is excess sebum or external impurities. By exfoliating your skin regularly your pores will remain clean, which in turn will ensure that your skin retains its healthy look.

Exfoliation reduces the amount of impurities on the skin. Unfortunately, this is the step that many men skip over. Exfoliate while showering because that way it won’t take any extra time from your busy schedule.

Moisturizing the skin

Moisturizing is the last stage of the skin cleaning routine, taking place after cleansing and exfoliation. Going through these stages first ensures the pores are open so that the moisturizer gets absorbed effectively by your skin. Apply a small amount of the moisturizing product evenly to your skin. It’s important to moisturize every time after showering.

A fun fact: a man’s skin is roughly 20-25% thicker than a woman’s. Men’s skin also contains more collagen, which provides the skin with a firmer outlook. An oily, impure skin is usually a problem suffered by men.

Stuff to remember

A man’s skin produces double the amount of sebum compared to women. Therefore, it’s important to remember to both clean and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis.

Men’s skin also ages roughly around 15 % slower than women’s, but since we tend to forget to apply sunscreen more often than not, this benefit tends to go to waste.

Also consider the fact that shaving is always a burden on the skin. It’s important to lubricate the skin to ensure that the razor blade glides well. Use mild and soothing products and always utilize a fresh blade.