Dick Johnson is the thin line between filth and luxury. It’s the Wall Street Yuppie blowing his entire fortune on blow and hookers, whilst still wearing his designer labels and driving his fancy cars… and then repeating it the next weekend.
Some people pray to a God on only one day of the week. To us, every day is a day we thank the Almighty for giving us the knowledge and power to create quality products to show the world. Cocky?? Hell yes… Because with an attitude created from the harshest weather of this Nordic wasteland called Finland, we know that we deserve to be. The cruel winters hone an honest attitude, one never to be doubted and one certainly never to be messed with.
Our products, our mission and our drive stems from a state of mind; no fear and no doubt. Luxurious products, combined with attitude, allow a vast audience ranging from the ‘Average Joe’, to the business type that loves blow!!

Historically, it’s always been said that it’s never a good idea to be a Dick, but we’re firm believers that anyone and everyone should aim to be Dick Johnson. After all, Jesus didn’t die… He just changed his name…

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