How to take care of your beard?

Three quick tips on beard care.

The most important steps in beard care are moisturizing, exfoliation and cleansing. All these steps can be done when showering. Wash your beard with a beard soap and exfoliate the skin with a beard brush. You can do these steps under warm water in the shower. After the shower it’s time to moisturize the facial skin. Apply the beard oil or beard cream on the skin under your beard.


1. Itching is caused by dry skin or skin impurities. You usually get rid of itching within a week, when you learn the basics of beard care; cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

  • Cleanse the beard with a beard soap. You can use the beard soap many times a week, as long as you choose a natural beard soap. A natural beard soap doesn’t dry out the skin as much as a synthetic soap.
  • When you have cleansed the beard from impurities, it’s time to exfoliate the dead skin under the beard so that you’ll avoid unpleasant ingrown beard hair and skin infections.
  • Finally, drop a couple of drops of beard oil on your palms and rub in on the skin under your beard and on the beard hair. You can also use a beard cream. Again, it would be good to use a natural alternative.

2. You want your beard to be sharp. The best way to achieve that is to use beard wax, beard brush and beard scissors. You can style your beard slightly at home. Just remember to be careful. We recommend that you go to a beard specialist barber once a month.

  • At first, brush your beard into the desired shape with the beard brush only. Estimate the situation and shape the beard into the desired shape. Remember to do it carefully. You won’t want to cut a bald spot in your beard.
  • When you have finished grooming the beard with the beard brush and trimming it with the scissors, you can apply natural beard wax on the beard. The beard wax gives your beard light hold, cares for the beard hair and makes your beard look healthy.
  • The beard wax is hard, so you’ll need your nails here. Carve a big bite of the wax with your nails. Warm the wax between your palms so that it becomes smooth. After that, apply the wax evenly on your beard and brush until your beard looks stylish.


3.The moustache requires extra time and absolutely its own wax. These stubborn things must be rolled up and put into the desired shape with moustache wax. You can also use beard scissors to trim the moustache, but we recommend scissors that have sharp tips.

  • Like with the beard wax, you’ll also need your nails to get the moustache wax out of the can. With the thumbnail it’s easy to take a little amount of the wax. The wax is extremely hard. Some people smoothen the wax by warming up the closed can under water. Warm up the wax between your fingers so that it becomes smooth. Apply on your moustache and start styling.

Finally, we want to emphasise the importance of exfoliating the facial skin. The beard makes it harder to keep the skin clean, so exfoliating the skin under the beard is the best way to avoid beard itching and impurities.