Dick's Brewery - Private Label Cosmetics

Dick Johnson Factory, also known as Dick’s Brewery, is a Helsinki-based cosmetics factory, which has achieved very high standards. The factory employs the strictest standards of the field. For this reason, we make several products by hand, so that we can achieve a high level for all our products. Currently, our factory employs more than 20 people, and we have several chemists specialized in grooming product working on product development. Did you know that there is no training on cosmetic chemists in Finland at all? This is why the field is used to a strong apprenticeship culture; in fact, people have even set out to the other side of the ocean to look for know-how.  

Our factory is exceptional in many ways: we invest on the purity of our product’s ingredients. Our goal is to have majority of our products made from organic ingredients. Of course, we have also mastered chemical ingredients. Our factory was awarded one of the strictest certificates on the field, the ECOCERT. This is a guarantee of organic quality and clean work.

Our handicraft-oriented methods enable for a more flexible factory and smaller batches. This assists us to develop products at a quicker pace and to renew our formulas more efficiently in case we detect room for improvement in our products. We also provide products for a few partners and affiliates. They, too, have praised the possibility to order products in small batches. 

As we mentioned before, we also produce products for others. We can develop a product from start to finish; the only thing we need from you is a spark. The production of cosmetics is a long process with over 50 different stages. In addition, there is a surprising number of variables in the process. We work with, for example, over 50 different ingredient suppliers. This enables us to acquire the ingredients always for the best market price, and we always get to choose the ingredients of highest quality. 

If you are interested private label cosmetic that is manufactured in Finland contact us!