Skin Kit

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Dick Johnson Skin Kit products are manufactured to the highest standards in the company's own manufacture, Dick's Brewery. Dick Johnson’s Skin Kit includes two easy go-to products that are used on a daily basis: Sprayable Face Cream God Spray and Reliable Deo Enivrant with Whiskey & Vanilla scent. 

Natural ingredients meet craftsmanship. The God Spray Face Cream, also known as the stuff of gods, is now also available to mere mortals. People at Dick Johnson thought that skin cream needed an upgrade, and created God Spray, an easier-to-use sprayable skin product. It has a calming effect on the skin, it reduces swelling and moisturizes your face effectively. You can use the product either as a spray or you can spread it with your hands. The deodorant Enivrant, or Intoxicating will make a difference for those who wear this - they  will feel confident in knowing that this roll-on will assist in smelling good, feeling good and definitely attracting those around you.

The Dick Johnson Skin Kit gift package includes:

  • God Spray Face Cream 50ml
  • Deodorant Enivrant 50ml
  • Whiskey & Vanilla scent 
  • High quality ingredients that takes care of the skin