At Dick Johnson, we are always on the lookout for Barbers with a passion for creating the best look to get a Man laid... OK, perhaps a great sense of the humour and great cutting quality would also do. Founded in 2014, we began with distributing Barbershop products throughout Finland. Naturally, this progressed to Dick Johnson opening its first Barbershop in 2016 to offer its own style to deliver Finns and Folks alike. Now with several reputable shops located in the largest cities, we’re offering a chance for those interested to enjoy the wonders of our wicked ways.Cutting hair to a reputable standard is required, but the ability to perform at the same standard hungover is desired!! We’re all fun loving characters, each offering their own flavor to the table and all living and breathing the same dream – To Barber, and offer an experience like no other.

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Here’s what we can offer you in return for your dedication, and liver...

  • Monthly salary - or 60% cut of what you make!
  • Co-Workers – Enjoy the benefits of our staff events, including our Scandalous Summer Party and Crazy Christmas Celebration. Make new friends and create solid relationships that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Brexit – If you’re from the U.K and want a great escape, why not move to Finland?! There’s no political issue here aside from whose round it is next.
  • Health Care – Our National Healthcare is made to keep you happy, healthy and ready for another days work. There’s no hidden fees for broken bones, snotty noses and horrendous headaches. Basics about Finland.
  • You can trust people here, we fins based everything for the trust.
  • Super safe & peaceful place to live.
  • A bit expensive but wages are following that. 
  • Rent prices: Tampere city central 600€, Helsinki city central 800€ & Turku city central 600€
  • Everybody talks & understand english.
  • Finnish cities are really clean.
  • Fins are pretty quiet folks, when we drink we start talking. 

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Want the truth?!

My name is Ronald and I moved here in 2015 from the U.K and I’ve never looked back. I’ve managed the Helsinki Store since it’s debut in 2017 and have accommodated plenty of Staff and Guest Barbers from throughout the world, as well as maintaining my own family life at home and activities outside of work. Would I recommend working here?! I’m still here aren’t I?


    If you like to know more about Finland, read our Ronnie post about Finland. He is working as Barber Manager our Helsinki Barber Shop. Yes he is fellow British man. Here is the post.


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    • Short life story.
    • How many years in industry.
    • Where you live now.
    • Where you work now. 


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