• Founded 2014 
  • We operate in Barber Shops, Online Store & Distribution sectors 
  • Barber Shop in Tampere, Helsinki & Turku
  • Estimated turnover 2019 3.5m
  • Financially stable and strong


We opened the first barber shop in Tampere, our home town. For the location we chose the busiest area in Tampere and the expectations for the business space were high. We found a space that had just become available from the famous ”Nappari’s corner” with over 160 square meters and room height of 6 meters.  This space soon became our first incredible Dick Johnson barber shop. In our shop we invest in high quality haircuts and an atmosphere suitable for a laid-back Barber Shop culture. Our shop breaks boundaries and we want to offer our clients the opportunity to come in just to hang out and soak in the vibe.