Grooming Calendar 2022

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€119 €149

Dick Johnson's high-quality cosmetics calendar will make Christmas come faster! Last year’s Christmas calendar was a success that sold out in a blink of an eye. Make sure you get yours this year! 

The dark-speaking and luxurious grooming calendar includes 24 surprising boxes to bring excitement and joy in wait for Christmas! The grooming calendar includes evergreen Dick Johnson products, but also all-new product launches that you will be among the first to experience through the Christmas calendar! As usual, we have also selected the best products of other well-known men’s cosmetics brands to feature. 

The Christmas calendar is a stylish and high-quality black and gold package that causes addiction straight after the 1st door. Height: 28.2 cm, width 30 cm, depth 8.2 cm. Loaded with brilliant products. 

  • Men’s grooming calendar
  • 24 surprising doors to open
  • New launches & evergreen favorites! 
  • High quality cosmetics and products


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