Hair Kit

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Dick Johnson is an attitude created from the harshest weather of this Nordic wasteland called Finland. The cruel winters hone an honest attitude, one never to be doubted and one certainly never to be messed with. Dick Johnson Hair Kit products are manufactured to the highest standards in the company's own manufacture, Dick's Brewery to suit and fit all hair types in varying weather conditions. Dick Johnson Merveille Baise Shampoo makes your hair look clean and smell like the Dick Johnson signature scent, Whiskey Cola. With three sinful ingredients, we achieved an extraordinary formulation for the product, which is impressive for such a traditional product. Finish your style with Ghost Clay hair wax that creates a stylish, matte finish to the hair with a natural-looking hold. Applying the wax to the hair is extremely quick due to its silky-smooth texture. It also doesn’t get lumpy or sticky under any circumstances. Ghost Clay suits best for short or medium-length hair when a relaxed, natural look is called for. The product can also be used with long hair to reduce hair static.

  • Merveille Baise Shampoo 225ml
  • Ghost Clay 100ml
  • Fresh & Natural finish